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Components Of A Blog

To begin, please utilize our blog template:

  • Between 500-1000 words,

  • Photos are taken from real life that are not taken from a stock library and that demonstrate what the content is about (and that you have permission and the legal right to use),

  • Text that has been edited and proofread for grammatical errors, sentence coherence, and flow,

  • A writing style that is informal, not academic, and more conversational in tone.

  • Internal links in the body of the content to resources that are both pertinent and of high quality (if you name individuals, please link to their Twitter profiles),

  • Developed drafts of promotional social media to accompany the tweet on our various platforms, including recommendations for the most effective hashtags and persons to the tag; and,

  • Most crucially, a genuine impression that the author produced the paper to enhance the reader’s comprehension of the educational landscape of the future.

Disclosures And Terms Of Service

Please follow the links provided for further details on our terms and conditions as well as our privacy statement.

Getting Smart is under no obligation to discuss the decision to decline the publication of a guest author’s work with that author and has the right to decline the publication of any work that has been submitted for review for any reason. The following list of reasons might be given for declining to publish a guest essay, however, this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Information or facts that are not correct.

  • A significant number of typographical, grammatical, or spelling problems.

  • Irrelevance to the blog, its existing material, its subject, and its primary concentration.

  • The promotion of a product, marketing jargon, or sales pitches

  • Fundraising for self-benefit.

Getting Smart also maintains the right to delete from www.GettingSmart.com any published works by a guest author without providing the author with advance notice or an explanation for the removal. The author will keep full ownership of their intellectual property rights to any original work that is contributed by a guest author.

Getting Smart maintains the right to reject contributions of content and to delete links from posts that users make.

You are indicating that you understand and agree to all of the rules specified in this Guest Posting Policy by submitting a guest-written piece for consideration. Please get in touch with the Editor if you have any inquiries regarding guest authorship or guest articles on Getting Smart.

This Guest Posting Policy may be updated at any moment by Getting Smart, who retains the right to do so.

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